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Jan 21, 2016

Download the Goal Setting Template:

What is Sudden Success?

Welcome to the first episode of Sudden Success. This is a new format for the  Wrestling with greatness podcast that will supplement the regular episodes. these Sudden Success episodes will be short and concise and will Help you apply the lessons you learned as an athlete to your life so that you can reach your goals. I will post a couple of these per month intermingled with the full interview episodes. There are two reasons I’m doing this.

First, the longer format episodes don't always fit into your day So a shorter format is another way for you to improve your life and learn how to get the most out of the skills you learned as an athlete.

Second, I want you to be able to get the value out of my blog posts without having to actually read them so in most of these episodes I’m actually going to read a blog post for you maybe with some adlibbing. I have quite a few blog posts that have really impacted people's lives and by making them available by audio, you won’t have to miss out on any blog posts. These will be ideal for a short commute or anytime you have 10 minutes or less but want to make good use of your time.  

So let’s get started on the first Sudden Success...


Setting goals is simple, so why do so few people do it?

Because it’s not easy.

We’ve never been taught how to set goals or, more importantly, how to follow through. You and I know that we need to set goals but without a clear roadmap, without a blueprint for how to set goals and how to follow through then we are unlikely to do it. It’s like exercising. Even if you do have the motivation, if you don’t know how to exercise– you don’t know what to do– then you’re not likely to work out.

The most important outcome of the process of goal setting is the change in mindset– the change in attitude– that it inevitably brings. If you want to think and act like the most successful people in the world, then do this worksheet. I guarantee that if you do what I outline here, you’re mindset will change. You will live a better life.

Your parents, teachers and coaches have always told you to “change your attitude.” But what the does that mean? Is it a button or switch? Is it the way you walk or talk?


Your mindset is determined by the words that you use, both internally and externally.That voice that is running through your head at all times– right now–  like an iPod on autoplay filling your head with self-doubt. Filling your head with messages that tell you that you’d rather watch a football game on Sunday afternoon rather than work toward achieving your ideal life. The result is more of the same unfulfilled life that you have now. When you write down your goals your mindset will be changed. The voice in your head will tell you to grow, to be productive, to follow through on your goals instead of wasting your life watching TV. And, here’s the interesting part, you will want to! Like working out, you’ll feel better about yourself when you do.

You’ve been looking for that blueprint, that structure, that simple method that allows you to write down your goals and follow through but doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel. Here it is.

First, I use the simple one-page document that I’m providing here. If you feel like setting goals is a time-consuming and overwhelming task then you’ll love this worksheet. If you don’t feel like making the time to set goals then promise yourself just five minutes. After you get started you may enjoy it so much that you choose to take longer but if you only spend five minutes your life will be significantly improved.

There are four areas in your life where you need to set goals.

  1. Relationships: What relationship, if improved, will have the biggest positive impact on your life? Spouse? Kids? God?
  2. Self: Growth goals. What are the skills and knowledge that you need to be successful?
  3. Health: What do you need to do to improve your health?
  4. Wealth: Your financial goals. Think: home, car, bank account size.

We tend to want to start with wealth but save the best for last. If you don’t have the first three in place then wealth will have no value. I recommend setting at least one goal per area and no more than six total goals. I have just five this year but that leaves room for me to add goals as I determine new ones.

Don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough.Get something written down now! I do mine electronically but you can print the document and write them manually.

The blueprint for follow through:

  1. Create an appointment on your calendar the first day of the month titled “Goals” and set it to repeat for 12 months (mine goes in perpetuity since I will always want to review my goals regularly).
  2. Every month quickly review your goals and evaluate where you’re at. Make any edits or updates you feel necessary and move on with your day. Just checking in on your goals monthly will provide you the reminder and motivation that you need to maintain the mindset of success.

This entire process of setting goals in each of the four areas of your life can take you just 20 minutes. Putsomething on paper. If there’s a question on the worksheet that you don’t have the answer to then skip it for now. You can add it in next month once you figure it out or get more clarity on it.

Don’t wait. Do this now or make a appointment in the next three days to do this.

Make it easy.