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Nov 23, 2016

The end of 2016 is insight.  Are you where you thought you would be?

Are you still looking for more clarity and focus in your life? Thinking that it will come after you just get through this week or this month or this year? Well, I’ve got news for you… it won’t. Not unless you take real, concrete action to MAKE it happen. If you're looking to get clear on your goals and learn how to create a plan to achieve them then join me and 5 other motivated, high performers for to learn a powerful 4-step system starting December 5th. It's called Reveal Your Path and I've now guided dozens of high performers through it- including professional athletes, Olympians, neurosurgeons, MBA’s, college coaches and others - resulting in clarity, focus and balance in their lives so that they can get the right things done and stop trying to be everything to everyone. They’ve been able to start businesses, reconnect with their kids and spouses, find balance, get promotions, lose weight, create new habits and break old ones… and they’ve found the clarity they were looking and are now confident that they’re taking the right action because they’re seeing results like better relationships, increased income and more time in the day. Reveal Your Path isn’t for everyone. But if you’re sitting there feeling like you’re pulled in too many different directions and like you have more potential than you’re currently fulfilling, then Reveal Your Path is for you.

Take Isaac, for example, who just finished with my last team, said “This whole process has brought me back to my roots to where I was most successful when I was younger, organized, hungry and driven right out of college. This is getting me back to waking up early, setting goals, and writing things down. I'm understanding where I need to be and where I need to work instead of just trying to survive.

Do you feel like Isaac felt-- like you’re just trying to survive? Do you want to again feel organized, hungry and driven?

Another recent team member named Irina said just a couple weeks ago to me, “"I feel like I have taken a huge leap forward. Like I went straight from first gear to fourth gear."

What would going from first gear to fourth gear feel like in your life? What would that feel like that this very moment? What would that feel like tomorrow morning when you wake up? Where will you be in a year when you’re looking at 2017?

Isaac and Irina are both set up to have a great finish to 2016 and an even more amazing 2017.

If you’ve heard me talk about RYP before and have considered it but just haven’t taken the leap, I just want to give you this heads up. This December team is the last time I’ll be offering it at this price. So if you’ve been waiting, now is the time to act before it’s too late.

Here’s what I want you to do next… go to and grab a time on my calendar to jump on a 15 minute call so that I can give you a taste of the clarity that RYP will give you. The goal of this call will be to help you create an action plan for one area of your life. This is totally free… my hope is that you’ll see such amazing results from a short, 15 minute phone call that you’ll decide to join me. If not, you’ll be better off for just having had the call and I will be too since I’ll be doing what I love-- helping people. Just visit Again that’s