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Feb 20, 2023

#392 Up for the Fight: How 5x Cancer Survivor Bill Potts Turned Adversity into Motivation


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It’s one thing to learn how to deal with constant pain and an incurable illness. It’s another to turn that pain into purpose. Five-time cancer survivor Bill Potts has managed to do exactly that despite his 20-year (and still ongoing) battle.

With his determination and lifestyle, you wouldn’t have even known that Bill Potts has battled cancer five times.

Yes, five times. 

This episode of the Success Through Failure podcast is not about cancer. It’s about how you can own your journey and turn the struggle, scars, and pain into purpose.

And after all these years, Bill is currently undergoing treatment for the sixth time, with number seven just a few years away. His accidental expertise led him to author "Up for the Fight: How to Advocate for Yourself as You Battle Cancer―from a Five-Time Survivor," a book on how to navigate through life after a diagnosis.

For many of us, decades of surgeries, treatment, recovery, isolation are just plain unbearable, and understandably so. And yet, Bill’s ability to somehow respond even better each and every day is nothing short of extraordinary.

Bill Potts is a motivational speaker, business leader, community builder, and dedicated father and husband. He has held executive positions at the IRONMAN Group and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and lectured on marketing at Tulane University, where he earned his MBA.

He is currently the co-founder and a managing director of marketing agency Remedy 365 and an IRONMAN triathlete.

In this episode, Bill walks us through his ongoing 20-year battle and how you can turn your own pain into purpose. Listen to Bill’s story now.

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