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Dec 26, 2016

Today I bring you the weirdest but most practical podcast episode you’ll ever listen to. Instead of being a passive listener, you’ll be an active participant in this episode. Here’s why I’m doing this. I was working with a CEO recently and we got to the part of Reveal Your Path where we discussed “Selective Programming.” “Selective Programming” is where you selectively choose the messages that come to you throughout your day… radio, reading, self-talk and the people with whom you surround yourself. He explained that he felt he needed “deselective programming.” He felt he was over-programmed. Like he’s constantly reading books, listening to podcasts and gaining knowledge but he doesn’t take enough time to actually implement what he’s learned. This episode is a response to that discussion. I lead you through a series of questions that, cumulatively, will lead you to clarity around your biggest goal for 2017. It’s unique. It’s different. It will expand your mind. Dive in!

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About Your Host Jim Harshaw

My name is Jim Harshaw. And I know where you’re at. You’re working hard and qualified for what you do but you aren’t getting what you want. You have plans on getting to the C-suite or launching a business but ultimate success seems as far away today as ever. You’re at the right place because you can get there from here.

 And I can help.

 Who I Am

I’m a speaker, coach, and former Division I All-American wrestler that helps motivated former athletes reach their full potential by getting clarity on what they really want and taking aggressive action to lead their ideal life not just despite their prior failures but because of them.

I’m a husband and father of four. And I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve launched multiple successful businesses as well as the obligatory failed one. I’ve been the executive director of a non-profit and have raised millions of dollars. I’ve worked in sales. I’ve even been a Division I head coach. While I was born in a blue-collar home I have spent my life surrounded by Olympians, CEO’s and millionaires.

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I’ve been lucky.

I’ve learned the habits of successful people and guess what. You’re just like them. I know because I know your type. You’re programmed for hard work, which is a prerequisite for success, but you’ve never been shown how to use what you know to create the life you want with the tools you have.

I will show you how.

Why You are Here

You've worked hard to achieve greatness. You’ve set goals and maybe even set records. You’ve definitely failed and you’ve at some point found yourself questioning if you were on the right track.

You need to understand this: You are far more prepared to succeed than those who’ve not tried, competed, struggled and overcome like you have. That’s the value of your education as someone who aims high. You are prepared to be as successful as your wildest dreams will allow.

Here I will teach you, with the help of brilliant minds that have been shaped by failure, struggle, and adversity, to be who you want to be. I sense that you want this because you have read this far.

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Website | Facebook | Twitter