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Jan 23, 2023

#388 An Unexpected (and Surprisingly Simple) Shortcut to Success from 4x Olympian Ruben Gonzalez


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They say that there are no shortcuts to success, but after years of failures, successes— and few broken bones— 4x Olympian Ruben Gonzalez discovered that there is a “shortcut” to success.

A seemingly “ordinary guy,” 4x Olympian, Ruben Gonzalez, wasn’t a gifted athlete. 

Ruben didn't take up the sport of luge until he was 21. Against all odds, four years and a few broken bones later, he was competing in the Calgary Winter Olympics. 

At the age of 47, at the Vancouver Olympics, he became the first person to ever compete in four Winter Olympics in four different decades.

Ruben is also an international bestselling author. Among his works are, “The Courage to Succeed,” “Fight for Your Dream,” and just last year, he released his first fictional book, “The Shortcut: The Fastest Way to Achieve Your Goals.”

Now, after four years, Ruben is back on the Success Through Failure podcast!

Ruben's story is going to inspire you to think differently and to live your life with passion to push yourself beyond your self-imposed beliefs and your self-imposed limitations. 

After listening to this interview, you'll realize that you have no excuse to chase your big dream. Tune in now! 

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