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Jul 18, 2022

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After 5 days of doing manual labor in sweltering 95-degree heat in West Virginia, summer would never be the same for my two sons and me… 

I always tell my kids, “You get tough by doing tough things.” So I thought, “what better way to start their summer break than to give my two oldest kids their much-needed coming-of-age experience!”

Instead of our usual fun summer getaway adventures, my sons— Jesse (16) and Wyatt (14)— and I went on a mission trip that changed the way we view the world.

This year, my boys and I signed up for a mission trip organized by the Appalachia Service Project— a “Christian ministry that inspires hope and service through volunteer home repair and replacement.”

During the seven-day mission trip, we spent our nights sleeping in a gymnasium with 70 strangers, while our days were spent sweating through our jeans from the non-stop digging and hammering and building. 

The experience changed us, to say the least. Not because of the hard work. I’ve worked plenty of construction jobs. But because of the emotional conflict that I walked away with.

In this episode, allow me to take you back to our trip to Kanawha County and experience what it’s like to make a dent in the world— one family at a time. 

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