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Jul 11, 2022

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So much leadership advice seems disconnected from the reality of day-to-day of actually leading people. F3 President, Frank Schwartz, breaks it down into real-world, practical advice that you can use today.

Frank Schwartz is the President of F3 Nation, an international leadership organization for men with about 55,000 members across 46 states and 4 continents, that uses vigorous outdoor workouts to teach leadership principles.

He is also the Founder/President of G3L Leadership, a leadership development company that guides and equips leaders to connect to their Personal Purpose in order to fulfill their potential and their organization’s mission.

Frank has been a successful entrepreneur prior to his starting of G3L, founding LEC Media in 2007, a corporate communications and video production firm in Charlotte, NC, which serves clients like Bank of America, Electrolux, Verbatim, Honeywell, just to name a few.

F3 Dark Helmet (Frank’s F3 nickname) joins us in this episode to share his leadership expertise to aid you in unearthing and enhancing your innate leadership capabilities. 

Tune in as Frank provides the most practical, most approachable answers and information about leadership you’ll find. Don’t miss this interview. Hit play now!

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire episode or if you hear something that you like but don’t have time to write it down, be sure to grab your free copy of the Action Plan from this episode— as well as get access to action plans from EVERY episode— at