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May 23, 2022

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The path to success is riddled with risk. I invited the one and only Travis Macy to share with you true stories of success and failure and how to leverage risk for greater success.

Travis Macy is a speaker, coach, professional endurance athlete, and author of “The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life.” 

This finisher of over 130 ultra endurance events in 17 countries was a former classroom teacher with a Master's degree in Education.

His racing and adventure exploits have been covered by The New York Times, ABC, Penthouse Magazine, Runner’s World, Adventure Sports Magazine, Competitor Magazine, UltraRunning Magazine, Trail Runner Magazine, and Breathe Magazine, among others.

After six long years, Travis is finally back on the Success Through Failure podcast! 

This special crossover episode with The Travis Macy Show is all about risks. Here, Travis and I will share some personal risks we’ve taken and the lessons we’ve learned when things worked and— more importantly— when they didn’t.

If you’re currently contemplating on taking a big risk— or if you’re afraid of taking one— this episode is for you, so don’t miss it. Tune in now! 

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire episode or if you hear something that you like but don’t have time to write it down, be sure to grab your free copy of the Action Plan from this episode— as well as get access to action plans from EVERY episode— at