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Aug 31, 2015

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Comedian Greg Warren grew up wrestling in St. Louis the son of a wrestling coach. He went on to wrestle for the University of Missouri where he was an All American in 1991. While still in college, he won a comedy contest and was invited to perform at a local...

Aug 25, 2015

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In this 17th episode of Wrestling with Greatness host Jim Harshaw interviews Matt Lindland, current USA Wrestling Greco Roman National coach, entrepreneur, whitewater rafting champion, actor, politician and UFC veteran .

Matt’s insight into success comes...

Aug 18, 2015

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We’re in a rat race. We wake up, hustle through our morning, head off to work, react to emails coming in, phones ringing, colleagues interrupting and before you know it the day is over. We jump in the car, turn on the radio and fight traffic to get...

Aug 4, 2015

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Today I bring you Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea. Honest Tea is a $100 million company that rattled the cages of beverage industry giants by introducing a great tasting, low-calorie, organic and healthier option. While that sounds like something that makes...